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Robot Control Cabinet For Articulated Robot, provides EtherCAT port and PoE port for user to connect to EtherCAT slaves and machine vision application

Main Features
  • Compact size
  • Suitable for small payload Articulated, SCARA and Delta robot
  • Provide PoE for machine vision application
  • Provide EtherCAT extension port for connecting more EtherCAT slaves
  • Provide Extension digital I/O: 16in/16out
  • Integrated with NexCOBOT robotic controller: NexGRC
  • Integrated with NexCOBOT teach pendant: TP-200


NexCOBOT GRC-200C ensures simple and powerful robotic automation. GRC-200C adapts NexCOBOT intelligent PC-based robotic controller and integrates with NexCOBOT’s robotic control software, NexGRC, which is an efficient and flexible robotic control system. GRC-200C is designed for small payload articulated robot. GRC-200C also provides EtherCAT port and PoE port for user to connect to EtherCAT slaves and machine vision devices, let the robot system easily to extend axis control and integrate with machine vision application.


Power Input
  • Single-phase 220VAC

Supported Motor Watt
  • Max 750W x 6

Supported Encoder Interface
  • Tamagawa, Nikon

Digital I/O
  • 16 in/16 out

Supported Teach Pendant 
  • TP-200

  • 3 x Ethernet, 1 x EtherCAT extension

  • 480(W) x 552(D) x 264(H) mm

  • 32 kg

Pre-Installed NexGRC Software Package
  • Operating system: Windows Embedded Standard 7
  • NexGRC robot control  software
  • NexMotion Studio

NexGRC Robot Control  Software
  • Single Axis Motion: PTP, Jog, Halt, Stop, Speed/ACC/DEC override, blending
  • Group Motion: PTP, Linear, Circular, Speed/ACC/DEC override, blending
  • Supported Group Types: Articulated 6 axis, Cartesian, SCARA, Delta
  • Example: VC\C#

Ordering Information

GRC-200C (P/N:98GRC200C000F)
Robot Control Cabinet For Articulated Robot


上传日期 文件名 版本 OS 描述 下载
2020/03/19 NexMotion Studio 用户手册(简中) 1.1 Windows NexMotion Studio 用户手册(简中) 5 MB
2020/03/19 NexMotion函式库使用者手册_CHZ 1.6 Windows NexMotion函式库使用者手册_CHZ 7.5 MB