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    Functional Safety Taking a More Prominent Role in Cobot Design
  • 创博获得德国莱因功能安全认证 于汉诺威工业展携手英特尔发表全球首款x86安全控制平台
  • NEIO Compact Series, A New Generation of EtherCAT Slave I/O Module
    NEIO incorporates many user-centric designs, including the Smart Daisy-chain Design and Detachable Screw Terminals
  • NexCOBOT Wins Intel Best Robotics Innovation Partner Award
    NexCOBOT is proud to receive the Intel Best Robotics Innovation Partner Award from its long-term partner, Intel Corporation, for its robotic innovation in functional safety.
  • Redefine Industrial Automation and Renewable Energy Management with the EBC 358X Series
  • NexCOBOT Helps CNC Manufacturers Perform High-precision Motion Control
    GENTEC collaborates with NexCOBOT to develop the customized x86 CNC Control Board- PEAK-655 and Linux RTOS solution
  • SCB100- The First x86
    Functional Safety Control Platform
    Shorten the overall development life cycle to build functional safety collaborative applications

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Speed Up Your Application Development with Our Solution Packs

Robot Coffee Serving Solution Pack

NexCOBOT’s Robot Coffee Serving Solution Pack provides complete intelligent service, in which devices communicate through Internet and can be remotely monitored.

Robot AI Vision Solution Pack

NexCOBOT delivers robotic with AI vision solution for Industry 4.0, powered by NexCOBOT’s 7-axis articulated robot.

General Robot Control Solution Pack

NexCOBOT provides a comprehensive EtherCAT-based robot control solution, including control hardware such as robot controller, slave I/O modules and teach pendant.

General Motion Control Solution Pack

NexCOBOT offers a high precision motion control software-NexGMC, which has been verified for the compatibility with mainstream third-party servo drives and motors.


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