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Domain-focus Software

Open Architecture Controller to Develop Your Own Robotic Control System

NexROBA, NexCOBOT’s robot solution, has an open development environment in which users can freely develop their own EtherCAT-based robotic control programs. The Windows-based environment makes it easy to integrate applications such as machine vision, simulation software, and other peripherals into the control system. It also opens the possibility for users to develop time-deterministic programs by providing accessibility to an RTX-based real-time execution kernel.

Complete Robotic Control Libraries to Fasten Development

NexROBA also provides C/C++ libraries of General Robotic Control (GRC) for basic types of industrial robots, including 6-axis articulated robots, 4-axis SCARA robots and 3/4-axis Delta robots. For those wanting to build a robotic control system, these APIs are handy to use and perform point-to-point movement, jog teaching, linear or circular movement of robots, which tremendously reduces development time. Users can leverage APIs in the Windows layer or in the RTX layer to easily build programs for their robotic applications.

Domain-focus Software