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Robotic Control Solution

The industrial robot controller software (NexGRC) of NexCOBOT is a pure software based on the PC-Based controller architecture, which can control the servo drive through an industrial fieldbus such as EtherCAT. NexGRC runs on a real-time operating system (RTOS), which can perform real-time calculations and send motion control commands to the servo driver. NexGRC also provides configuration software such as NexMotion Studio and teach pendant user interfaces such as TPUI and User-developed libraries such as NexGRC Windows API.

NexGRC software architecture

NexGRC software has a built-in EtherCAT master function, which can connect EtherCAT slaves of various manufacturers. It also supports a variety of standard industrial robot configurations such as articulated 6-axis robots, Delta robots, and SCARA robots. NexMotion Studio can configure the robot type and related parameters, and can also configure EtherCAT slaves.

NexMotion Studio

The NexGRC software has a built-in TPUI function, which provides a variety of standard operating functions to directly operate the robot's movement, set the movement position of the robot for different applications, and programming the robot tasks. TPUI provides the program syntax of NRPL (NexMotion Real-Time Programming Language), which is a standard syntax based on C language, which allows users to quickly write real-time control tasks for robots.


TPUI – NRPL Edit page

The use of TPUI function in NexGRC must be matched with standard teach pendant hardware such as TP-100-1 provided by NexCOBOT. The teach pendant product includes a touch screen to allow users to directly operate the TPUI, the emergency stop button allows users to stop the robot's movements, the enabling switch allows users to operate in manual mode in accordance with ISO 10218-1.

For users who want to design the robot user interface by themselves, NexGRC also provides Windows API for users to develop their own human-machine interface to control the robot.

NexGRC Windows API

As mentioned above, NexGRC software solution offers two different user scenarios for users:

(1) The user does not need to develop for a robot user interface, can be used provided TPUI NexGRC teach pendant with products such as TP-100-1, directly through the direct operation screen on the operation of the industrial robot TPUI.

(2) For the users who want to develop their own user interface, users can through NexGRC Windows API on the Windows operating environment to develop robotic HMI.

NexGRC software solutions have completed performance testing and stability testing with real-time systems and computer hardware platforms. Thus, the user can directly buy a robot controller integrated solution to ensure real-time performance and stability, NexCOBOT offers robot controller integrated product contains RCB100-SCARA, RCB100-GRC and NET300-GRC.