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Smartphone Protection Cover Processing Production Line

FFG and NEXCOM have jointly developed a cloud-based production line for customized production of smartphone stands and holders to achieve Industry 4.0. Known as "The Feeler", this solution is centered on a robot arm and a domestically made controller. Clients can place orders through the internet, customize the products as they like, and rapidly communicate their demands to the factory. During fabrication and processing, the production line can be remotely controlled and monitored via smartphones and tablets. The same remote interface technology also allows for the collection of parameter data generated by the working machines.

Smartphone protection cover processing production line demand

  • Domestically made controller to replace FSK solutions

  • Reduce the learning curve and maintenance difficulty of production line programming developers

    Before: Some functions use different controllers and different programming methods. It is difficult to integrate completely for general SI.

    After: The production line system uses the same kind of controller to provide a unified programming method. It is easy to integrate and maintain for general SI.

Domestically made controllers and IoT solutions