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NexECM EtherCAT Master Controller

EtherCAT, a fast, scalable, flexible yet reliable real-time EtherCAT protocol, has been widely adopted by most networked industrial systems. NexCOBOT offers a comprehensive line of EtherCAT controllers by integrating its EtherCAT master software, NexECM. The APIs for CiA 402 profile and built-in EtherCAT configuration tool, NexECM Studio, speeds up development time for users to create customized motion controls for different automation applications. Based on open architecture, NexCOBOT's controllers also ensure max convenience for users to integrate with third party hardware and software on Microsoft® Windows.

Main Features


    • Standard EtherCAT Protocol

      • Support 3rd-party EtherCAT slave modules

      • Support up to 64 slave modules

      • Low latency: EtherCAT communication cycle up to 250 μs

      • Supports DC / PDO / SDO / CiA402 / CoE / FoE / ESI / ENI

    • Open Architecture

      • Real time OS based

      • Windows API ready

      • Real time API ready (to work with real-time SDK)

    • EtherCAT Software Functions

      • Import ESI files

      • Export ENI files

      • Edit PDO objects

      • Edit CoE initial commands

      • Edit EtherCAT topology (Online/ Offline)

      • Test EtherCAT communication

      • Test EtherCAT slave controller operation

Ordering Information

  • NexECM (P/N:98ROBO000003F)
    NexECM Realtime Software

  • ECM-110F (P/N: 98ECM110F000F)
    EtherCAT Master Controller, Intel® Celeron® processor J1900 Quad Cord 2.0GHz

  • ECM-211F (P/N: 98ECM211F000F)
    High-performance EtherCAT Master Controller, Intel® 6th Core™ i5-6500TE processor