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Functional Safety Control Platform for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Watch how the functional safety control platform for AMRs by NexCOBOT is helping robot builders create the next generation of robot safety systems faster and more efficiently. NexCOBOT offers SCB100, a robot controller fully certified for functional safety Powered by Intel Atom® X6427FE. In an AMR system, SCB100 can act as both a navigation and a safety controller. With Synapticon’s all-in-one servo drive SOMANET Circulo, we help reduce the system complexity and shorten the development time of AMRs. Compared to conventional safety controller solutions, SCB100 saves the hassle of installing extra safety control devices. Up to 12 to 18 months of project development time and effort can be saved as you can develop robot control systems and safety systems together with SCB100.

NexCOBOT Engages in Industry-academia Collaborations and Creates a Digital Transformation Ecosystem

Watch how NexCOBOT establishes four robotic automation demo sites at Lunghwa University of Technology and Science in Taiwan, building a digital platform connecting different brands of robots and machines. Through industry-academia collaborations, NexCOBOT also develops professional and technical training to help enterprises cultivate professional talent and find the right technical personnel. NexCOBOT hopes to replicate the industry-academia collaboration model to the US market with Telamon and education institutes to create a local digital transformation ecosystem.