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NexCOBOT Engages in Industry-academia Collaborations and Creates a Digital Transformation Ecosystem

Watch how NexCOBOT establishes four robotic automation demo sites at Lunghwa University of Technology and Science in Taiwan, building a digital platform connecting different brands of robots and machines. Through industry-academia collaborations, NexCOBOT also develops professional and technical training to help enterprises cultivate professional talent and find the right technical personnel. NexCOBOT hopes to replicate the industry-academia collaboration model to the US market with Telamon and education institutes to create a local digital transformation ecosystem.

SCB100, Best Combination of Robot Control and Functional Safety

The world's leading functional safety solution-SCB100,
1. Comply with IEC-61508 functional safety specification
2. Using Intel ATOM X6427FE processor
3. Support EtherCAT FSoE
4. Support Real-time functional safety OS