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CNC Control Board Customization Project and Linux Real time OS Development Case- GENTEC

GENTEC, a manufacturer mainly in design and manufacturing of controllers, collaborate with NexCOBOT to develop the customized CNC Control Board -PEAK-655 project and the Linux RTOS solution, enabling real-time capabilities for complex machinery performing high-precision motion control in micro second.

NexCOBOT- Open Robots & Machines Introduction

Manufacturing processes have become more automated than ever before. This means that robots are highly involved in production and in close contact with human counterparts. Consequently, workplace safety has become critical. The automation industry, especially in its production lines, has often struggled to find robots to match their unique optimization use cases. Sometimes, the wide selection of off-the-shelf robots on the market doesn’t satisfy application requirements. NexCOBOT is committed to being your trustworthy partner in building open and modular intelligent robot and motion control solutions. NexCOBOT expanded applications include: CNC machining, AI inspection, environmental industry, glue dispensing, autonomous mobile robot(AMR) for factory logistics and mobile cobots.