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NexRTOS x86 Real-time Linux Control System

NexRTOS is an x86 Linux-based Real-time control system that enables real-time capabilities for complex machinery performing high-precision motion control, computer vision and critical applications in micro second, such as CNC, robot controller, injection machine, packaging machine, and so on.

The independent ISR(/IST) performs guaranteed response-time for application through exclusive CPU core and isolated system resource. The CPU cores and LAN ports can be configured intuitively and the NexRTOS Utility can monitor the signal latency and time-jitter.

The IGH EtherCAT sample project code can accelerate the development of EtherCAT-based motion applications of servo drives/motors and distributed I/O for OEM partners and machine/equipment builders.

Intel CPU Cores 

NexRTOS Utility

User Scenario

(Designed for CNC Machine)
(Designed for Robot Control)
(Designed for AMR)
Key Specs
- Intel® Celeron® processor J1900
- 2 x I210 LAN port for EtherCAT
- FPGA feature :
1 x Encoder, 8 D/I, 4 D/O , MPG support
- 2x Mechatrolink III support
Key Specs
- Intel® 6th Gen Core™ i7/i5/i3 and Intel® Celeron
- Internal USB for software license dongle
- Optional 12In/4Out digital isolated I/O
(need optional I/O board)
- 2 x I210 GbE LAN port for EtherCAT
- 2 x 211AT GbE (One port supports PSE)
Key Specs
- Intel® Tiger Lake UP3
- mPCIe supports LTE 4G, WiFi+BT
- M.2 supports SATA, LTE 5G
- 1 x I219, 1 x I210, 1 x I225 GbE LAN
(supports I210 EtherCAT)
- 1 x CANBus and SM or I2C Bus
- 16-bit GPIO, 24V 2DI/2DO

Ordering Information
MCB355 (P/N: 6879MB350000F)
Ordering Information
RCB100 (P/N: 10J200RCB00X0)
Ordering Information
RCB600 (P/N: 10J200RCB08X0)


Guaranteed Control Response – Time
Critical Response
- Timer periods 1 ms
- Jitter cyclic < 40 us
- IST latencies < 30 us
- Latency in 30 us
Exclusive CPU Cores & Resources – CPU Isolation
- Linux kernel and desktop on CPU Core 0
- Individual Tasks on Independent Cores
Sample Projects for Machinery Applications – IGH EtherCAT Sample code
- HMI application
- Motor & I/O application
- EtherCAT master application

Software Building Blocks

NexRTOS Software Building Blocks

Function & UI

NexRTOS Function and UI