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NexCOBOT Collaborates with Renesas to Develop Functional Safety Automation and Robotics Embedded Control Platforms

NexCOBOT, a distinguished Taiwanese robotics control solution provider, proudly announces a strategic collaboration with Renesas Electronics, a leading global semiconductor and solutions provider. This collaboration is poised to shape NexCOBOT's landscape of embedded functional safety computing platforms and control solutions tailored for industrial automation. Leveraging Renesas' cutting-edge technology in "RX and RZ family chips and functional safety all-in-one solutions," coupled with NexCOBOT's prowess in functional safety computing hardware and software development, NexCOBOT helps robot manufacturers create functional safety controllers quickly and delivers efficient, versatile and flexible product development and consulting services to meet diverse customization needs.

Jenny Shern, General Manager of NexCOBOT, underscores the stringent requirements governing all components of functional safety products, spanning embedded chips, circuit boards, firmware, and application software. The conventional in-house development trajectory often mandates a protracted timeline of 5 years for the completion of a functional safety product. The strategic adoption of Renesas' embedded chips and Functional Safety solutions by NexCOBOT is strategically designed to accelerate the development of foundational hardware and firmware elements. Reciprocally, Renesas' selection of NexCOBOT as a collaborative customer is rooted in NexCOBOT’s specialized proficiency in functional safety electronics and functional safety software, facilitating the rapid realization of diverse customized functional safety solutions within the realm of industrial automation.

Since its foray into functional safety product development in 2018, NexCOBOT has consistently directed its efforts towards the creation of a diverse portfolio, encompassing robot safety controllers, functional safety digital I/O modules, functional safety robot teach pendants, functional safety over EtherCAT master protocol software, and industrial robot functional safety application software. In the upcoming 2024 release of the Robot Safety Requirements Standard ISO 10218-1, the new version mandates that robot manufacturers provide additional safety functions to end-users. The integration of NexCOBOT's functional safety hardware and software modules with Renesas' functional safety solutions and embedded chip is poised to achieve substantial time savings of up to three years for clients. This transformative collaboration minimizes manpower and resource allocations, mitigates the need for extensive trial and error, and significantly reduces verification costs and timelines, thereby presenting clients with pronounced advantages in the development of functional safety products.

Weihan Wang, Product Director at NexCOBOT, accentuates the provision of comprehensive functional safety design ODM and consulting services, facilitating clients in the establishment of functional safety embedded products compliant with the rigorous standards of IEC 61508 and ISO 13849-1. This commitment extends to achieving safety levels up to SIL3/HFT=1 or PLe/Cat.3. NexCOBOT's holistic service offering encompasses customized hardware platforms, seamless integration of Renesas' functional safety solutions, development of diagnostic software for hardware interfaces, and integration of SIL3 FSoE(Functional Safety over EtherCAT) Slave protocol software. Bolstered by an in-house research and development team, NexCOBOT pledges unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality pre-sales consulting, post-sales support, and a flexible open platform.

Renesas Electronics expresses profound satisfaction in collaborating with NexCOBOT to forge a more secure functional safety platform for the industrial automation sector more quickly. Mohammed Dogar, Vice President of Global Business and Ecosystem Development, articulates the growing significance of safety awareness in the industrial sector and commends the pivotal role played by Renesas' functional safety solutions in NexCOBOT's forthcoming products. The collaboration is poised to set both entities to eagerly anticipate future cooperative initiatives.

NexCOBOT and Renesas have formalized their collaboration through the signing of a memorandum of understanding. Together, they are committed to promoting activities for functional safety in industrial automation applications, leveraging Renesas' functional safety solutions and NexCOBOT's ODM services. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in the evolution of NexCOBOT's functional safety platforms, empowering clients to swiftly develop a diverse range of functional safety embedded products tailored for industrial automation.