Turnkey Services Provider

Our service including: design, software development, manufacturing, procurement, integration, testing, installation, training and service.

Design Manufacturing Service

NexCOBOT offers a broad selection of modular and customized industrial solutions that are essential in the control system of an industrial robot or CNC machine.

Domain-focus Software

NexROBA, NexCOBOT’s robot solution, has an open development environment in which users can freely develop their own EtherCAT-based robotic control programs.

Application Stories

NexCOBOT Helps CNC Manufacturers Perform High-precision Motion Control

GENTEC, a manufacturer mainly in design and manufacturing of controllers, collaborate with NexCOBOT to develop the customized CNC Control Board - PEAK-655 project and the Linux RTOS solution, enabling real-time capabilities for complex machinery performing high-precision motion control in micro second.

NexCOBOT, Dynapath, and Intel: AI-Added Tool Grinding Design for Speed and Efficiency

NexCOBOT works with Dynapath Companies, Inc., an industrial technology company that designs and produces interactive CNC controls, software, and computerized machine tools worldwide for the metalworking industry. Their unique, innovative software and CNC controls help customers maximize productivity by reducing setup time and increasing shop floor multitasking.