RCB600 AMR-Dedicated Control Board Accelerates Project Wins

Automated transportation has become the norm in the age of Industry 4.0. With great precision and flexibility, Autonomous Mobile Robots(AMRs) are ideal for material handling in different fields. In response to the growing demand for AMRs, NexCOBOT launches the RCB600 motherboard with AMR-specific design, diverse expansions and real-time communication to accelerate your AMR deployments.

Intel-Powered, Functional Safety (FuSa)–Capable IPCs Accelerate Robot Deployments

NexCOBOT delivers robot safety controller boards enabled by the Enhanced for IoT Intel Atom® x6427FE processor. The SCB 100 is an industrial PC (IPC) board enabled with key FuSa features in the Intel Atom® x6427FE processor. With this solution, robot builders and their customers receive the support and documentation to accelerate their system-level certification process for Cat 3 PLd.

Functional Safety Control Platform for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Watch how the functional safety control platform for AMRs by NexCOBOT is helping robot builders create the next generation of robot safety systems faster and more efficiently. NexCOBOT offers SCB100, a robot controller fully certified for functional safety Powered by Intel Atom® X6427FE. In an AMR system, SCB100 can act as both a navigation and a safety controller. With Synapticon’s all-in-one servo drive SOMANET Circulo, we help reduce the system complexity and shorten the development time of AMRs. Compared to conventional safety controller solutions, SCB100 saves the hassle of installing extra safety control devices. Up to 12 to 18 months of project development time and effort can be saved as you can develop robot control systems and safety systems together with SCB100.

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