Intel-Powered, Functional Safety (FuSa)–Capable IPCs Accelerate Robot Deployments

NexCOBOT delivers robot safety controller boards enabled by the Enhanced for IoT Intel Atom® x6427FE processor. The SCB 100 is an industrial PC (IPC) board enabled with key FuSa features in the Intel Atom® x6427FE processor. With this solution, robot builders and their customers receive the support and documentation to accelerate their system-level certification process for Cat 3 PLd.

Open and Modularized Robotic Control

NexCOBOT Robot Control System (RCS) ensures open and modularized robotic automation. It adapts NexCOBOT intelligent PC-based robotic controller and integrates with NexCOBOT’s robotic control software, NexGRC or NexARC. RCS is designed for small payload robots such as articulated robots (6-axis & 7-axis), SCARA robots, and Delta robots.

Application Stories

AI- powered Robot System Enables Efficient Green Recycling

NexCOBOT's innovative solution combines AI Vision technology to accurately identify and classify different types of plastic bottles. Using AI algorithms, the system can distinguish bottles based on attributes such as color (transparent, white, and green) and their intended use, such as beverage or oil plastic bottles.

Intelligent Logistics System

The system can collect and transmit real-time data of each equipment to the cloud dashboard, so that the on-site students can learn about the analysis and management of a digital factory by remotely logging into the industrial cloud platform.

Cosmetic Box Assembly Line

Changing lifestyles and rising demands of skin and sun care products encourage the growth of the cosmetics market. Cosmetic box manufacturers are therefore asked to upgrade their facility and increase production output while minimizing overhead costs.


  • NexCOBOT- Open Robots & Machines Introduction

    Manufacturing processes have become more automated than ever before. This means that robots are highly involved in production and in close contact with human counterparts. Consequently, workplace safety has become critical. The automation industry, especially in its production lines, has often struggled to find robots to match their unique optimization use cases. Sometimes, the wide selection of off-the-shelf robots on the market doesn’t satisfy application requirements. NexCOBOT is committed to being your trustworthy partner in building open and modular intelligent robot and motion control solutions. NexCOBOT expanded applications include: CNC machining, AI inspection, environmental industry, glue dispensing, autonomous mobile robot(AMR) for factory logistics and mobile cobots.