Intel-Powered, Functional Safety (FuSa)–Capable IPCs Accelerate Robot Deployments

NexCOBOT delivers robot safety controller boards enabled by the Enhanced for IoT Intel Atom® x6427FE processor. The SCB 100 is an industrial PC (IPC) board enabled with key FuSa features in the Intel Atom® x6427FE processor. With this solution, robot builders and their customers receive the support and documentation to accelerate their system-level certification process for Cat 3 PLd.

Open and Modularized Robotic Control

NexCOBOT Robot Control System (RCS) ensures open and modularized robotic automation. It adapts NexCOBOT intelligent PC-based robotic controller and integrates with NexCOBOT’s robotic control software, NexGRC or NexARC. RCS is designed for small payload robots such as articulated robots (6-axis & 7-axis), SCARA robots, and Delta robots.

Robotic Control Solution

The industrial robot controller software (NexGRC) of NexCOBOT is a pure software based on the PC-Based controller architecture, which can control the servo drive through an industrial fieldbus such as EtherCAT. NexGRC runs on a real-time operating system (RTOS), which can perform real-time calculations and send motion control commands to the servo driver. NexGRC also provides configuration software such as NexMotion Studio and teach pendant user interfaces such as TPUI and User-developed libraries such as NexGRC Windows API.

Application Stories