Application Stories

We have many successful projects integrating our solutions around the world. Below you'll find a selection of our business cases.

Automatic Bending Machine

In traditional small-scale SMT bending workshops, manual operations may cause low efficiency and security issues. Due to the uncontrollability of manual operations, it is difficult to guarantee the quality and output of finished products. Labor management and quality control become a priority for customers.

Automatic Screw Fastening Machine

In traditional production lines, manufacturers use manual tools or semi-automated screwdrivers in screw assembly process. Problems such as screw slippage, screw skewing, substandard torque and screw floating are hard to avoid. In order to improve production quality and achieve high precision and efficiency, the screw fastening process needs to be strictly monitored.

NexCOBOT, Dynapath, and Intel: AI-Added Tool Grinding Design for Speed and Efficiency

NexCOBOT works with Dynapath Companies, Inc., an industrial technology company that designs and produces interactive CNC controls, software, and computerized machine tools worldwide for the metalworking industry. Their unique, innovative software and CNC controls help customers maximize productivity by reducing setup time and increasing shop floor multitasking.