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Take Charge with NexCOBOT’s TP-100-2 and TP-100-C Teach Pendants

In response to the escalating popularity of automation applications and the surging demand for industrial robotic arms across diverse manufacturing sectors, NexCOBOT has unveiled two handheld teach pendants, the cost-effective TP-100-C and the premium TP-100-2. These devices are intuitive displays that can be connected to robot controllers, providing manufacturers an effortless and efficient means to command their robotic arm operations.


Features and Benefits

Recognizing the needs of self-developed robot manufacturers for reliable, ruggedized, and user-friendly teach pendants that can survive challenging environments, NexCOBOT has developed the TP-100-2 and TP-100-C. These devices feature a clear 1280 x 800 resolution screen, responsive PCAP touchscreen monitor, intuitive touch interface, and customizable membrane keys. Their design is accommodating for both left- and right- handed users and places utmost emphasis on safety with the inclusion of 3-position enabling switches, a 2-channel switch button, and an emergency-stop function.

Just Gets Better

NexCOBOT has integrated customer feedback into its new offerings. The TP-100-2 model distinct from the more cost-effective TP-100-C, introduces a new junction box design with a thinner, more flexible cable, and an HDMI port. The HDMI port is an essential addition, ensuring the necessary high-resolution display for understanding complex operations. Responding to the need for safety in the robot operation zone, this cable supports lengths of 3m, 5m, 10m, and 20m. This innovation ensures that users can configure robots from a safe distance, outside the designated safety zone, making operations safer on larger factory floors. The TP-100-2 also features a smaller and lighter circular connector for easy integration with the controller cabinet. Both pendants provide dustproof features, easy maintenance, and IP65 and IP40 certifications. They also support hot plug, allowing operators to disconnect peripheral devices without shutting down the power or damaging the host or peripheral, reducing robot working downtime.


NexCOBOT bolsters the TP-100-2’s value with various plug-and-play accessories, including external cables, holders, junction boxes, and other helpful add-ons. These aid customers in seamlessly integrating their robot control cabinets or industrial robots. Without these accessories, customers would need to manage their cabinet wiring independently. We cater to various ODM clients by prioritizing customization, facilitating adjustments to cable types, lengths, and connectors for the TP-100-2, underscoring our comprehensive hardware and accessory customization services.

The TP-100s offer optional integration with NexTPUI, NexCOBOT’s HMI software, for easy control over diverse industrial robots. It’s user-centric design offers flexibility to operate with NexTPUI or the user’s choice of HMI software, bolstering robot controller capabilities and catering to a broad range of manufacturing and development needs. This emphasis on adaptability underlines the user-friendly design, broad compatibility, and adjustable features, ideal for manufacturers or developers of robots seeking to bolster their robot controller capabilities.

Main Features

  • 10.1” WXGA 1280 x 800 400 nits LED panel

  • 5 points projected capacitive touch with full IP65 protection (TP-100-2)

  • 5 points projected capacitive touch with full IP40 protection (TP-100-C)

  • 3-Position enabling switch & E-Stop button

  • CE (EN IEC 61000-6-2; EN IEC 61000-6-4) compliance

  • FCC 47 CFR Part 15 Subpart B, Class A compliance

  • System frame ground protection (GPE) design

TP-100-2 Ordering Information

TP-100-2 (P/N: 10IH0010010X0)

10.1” Multi-touch teach pendant display

TP-100-HD-JB (P/N:10IH0010011X0)

TP-100-2 Junction box

Junction cable for TP-100-HD-JB (P/N: 6030000494X00)

0.3m Junction cable (circular connector) for TP-100-HD-JB

TP-100-2 External Cable-Option: 3m/5m/10m/20m cable

3m: (P/N: 6030000491X00)

5m: (P/N: 6030000492X00)

10m: (P/N: 6030000499X00)

20m: (P/N: 6030000493X00)

(Option) TP-100 Holders (P/N: 98ROBO000011F)

Holder for TP-100

TP-100-C Ordering Information

TP-100-C (P/N: 10IH0010015X0)

10.1” Multi-touch teach pendant display

TP-100-VGA-J-Cable (P/N:6030000511X00)

TP-100-C Junction cable

TP-100 Cable (P/N: 686030000003F)

External 3m cable for TP-100-C

(Option) TP-100 Holders (P/N: 98ROBO000011F)

Holder for TP-100-C