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16-axis General Motion Control Software, provides Microsoft Windows APIs for users to develop their own motion control applications and HMI

  • Support 16 axes motion control
  • Support 2 groups motion
  • Support group line interpolation
  • Support group circular interpolation
  • Provide simulation operation mode
  • Provide 3D View function
  • Microsoft Windows API
  • Powerful Utility: NexMotion Studio


NexGMC (General Motion Control) is developed by NexCOBOT as a powerful motion control software that integrates NexECM and motion control kernels. It can be used for any general machines that are EtherCAT-based motor driver. The NexGMC provides Microsoft Windows APIs for users to develop their own motion control applications and HMI. NexGMC also provides a powerful integrated development environment “NexMotion Studio”, which users can use to easily configure EtherCAT slaves and motion axes or group axes (ex: XY table) parameters.


Realtime OS

  • INtime

Supported Axis No.

  • Up to 16 axes

Supported Group No.

  • Up to 2 groups

Single Axis Motion

  • PTP, Jog, Halt, Stop, Speed/ACC/DEC override, blending

Group Motion

  • PTP, Linear, Circular, Speed/ACC/DEC override, blending

Supported Group Types

  • Cartesian coordinates machine (XY, XYZ table, XYZ&θ)


  • VC\C#

Powerful Utility

  • NexMotion Studio
    • EtherCAT devices offline edit and online scan
    • EtherCAT master configuration
    • PDO mapping edit
    • Online SDO edit
    • Export ENI
    • CiA 402 device operation: PP/PV/PT/CSP
    • Single axis edit and operation
    • Group axes edit and operation
    • I/O mapping edit and operation
    • Provide simulation operation mode

Ordering Information

NexGMC (P/N:98ROBO000004F)
NexGMC-16 16-axis Realtime Software



上傳日期 文件名 版本 OS 描述 下載
2020/03/19 NexMotion Studio 用戶手冊_CHT 1.1 Windows NexMotion Studio 用戶手冊_CHT 5 MB
2020/03/19 NexMotion函式庫用戶手冊_CHT 1.6 Windows NexMotion函式庫用戶手冊_CHT 8.1 MB
上傳日期 文件名 版本 OS 描述 下載
2021/09/07 運動控制平台及客製化服務 1.0 All OS 特別優惠 1.5 MB