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Intelligent Logistics System


With the needs of talent training, the requirements for basic capacity building of vocational education are increasing year by year. A vocational college hopes to build an intelligent logistics sorting system that allows students to participate in the process of the inbound and outbound of warehouse goods. The system can collect and transmit real-time data of each equipment to the cloud dashboard, so that the on-site students can learn about the analysis and management of a digital factory by remotely logging into the industrial cloud platform.


NexGOL, a company that provides smart customized machines powered by NexCOBOT, combines NexCOBOT’s GRC-211F Robot Controller with HUASHU robot, which can realize eight different kinds of carton palletizing. The goods are palletized to the pallet by the robotic arm, then the forklift puts the whole pallet on the shelf. After receiving the order, the workers pick the goods, and then put them into the sorting line. Through the code scanning identification, the sorting line sorts orders from the same customer to a single outlet for easy shipment.

SRB 100 (Smart Robot Gateway) is used for collecting robot data to the gateway, and transmitting the data to the industrial cloud platform. Factory managers can remotely view through a comprehensive dashboard real-time operation data and the inbound and outbound information via cell phones or PCs to assist in managing production process.

System architecture

system architecture


  • High compatibility: Supports palletizing and sorting of goods in ten different sizes.

  • Facilitates teaching: Data visualization of each production process enables simple teaching.