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  • Rapid Robot Rollouts — NexCOBOT GRC Gets Robots From Concept to Completion Faster
  • RCB600 AMR-Dedicated Control Board Accelerates Project Wins
  • With Remote Access to Multiple Robots, the Smart Robot Box Makes Intelligent Manufacturing Effortless
  • NexCOBOT Engages in Industry-academia Collaborations and Creates a Digital Transformation Ecosystem
  • One-stop Solution for
    Your EtherCAT Motion Control
    A comprehensive line of EtherCAT controllers

Brand Story

NexCOBOT Total Robotic Automation Solutions Intelligentize Your Conventional Production Line

Solution Packs

Speed Up Your Application Development with Our Solution Packs

Robot Coffee Serving Solution Pack

NexCOBOT’s Robot Coffee Serving Solution Pack provides complete intelligent service, in which devices communicate through Internet and can be remotely monitored.

Robot AI Vision Solution Pack

NexCOBOT delivers robotic with AI vision solution for Industry 4.0, powered by NexCOBOT’s 7-axis articulated robot.

General Robot Control Solution Pack

NexCOBOT provides a comprehensive EtherCAT-based robot control solution, including control hardware such as robot controller, slave I/O modules and teach pendant.

General Motion Control Solution Pack

NexCOBOT offers a high precision motion control software-NexGMC, which has been verified for the compatibility with mainstream third-party servo drives and motors.

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